(To a Corporate Donor)

I am writing you to share my son’s progress over the last two months. It has been nothing short of miraculous and has changed our family. Nathan attends a private school for children with developmental delays and is one of five in his class. With one teacher and two aids he receives a lot of one on one attention. He has prospered in his new loving and supportive environment at school. Since he began school, we have seen more progress in the last two months than he had in two years of public school. Nathan is starting to speak in small sentences and ask questions, something he has never done. We are finally being able to communicate with our son, he understands us and we can understand him, something that a lot of parents of typical children can take for granted.

Donations from people like you can change the lives of children like my son Nathan and their families. My son has been given an amazing opportunity and gift and I will never be able to say thank-you enough.